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Cotton Data Cable Android

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1. User-friendly design, regardless of the pros and cons, double-sided blind insertion, compatible with Apple / Android.
2. Charging + transmission two in one, do not affect each other, communicate synchronously.
3. The security chip intelligent protection is stable and durable, and the connection always remains efficient.
4. The material is thickened with tinned copper wire core, which has strong charging transmission performance.
5. Fabric weaving thread, strong toughness, strong and durable, no entanglement, no knotting.
6. 3D alloy + TPE joint, not broken and more durable.
7. Compatible with Android/Apple, stable support for iOS 11/10/9/8.

1. Current: 1.7-2A.
2. OD: 3.2.
3. Android supports 9V/12V fast charge.
4. Net weight of the product: 20.5g.

1. Please pay attention to the charging cable; do not be too violent.
2. If not used for a long time, please take off the charging cable.