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T9 TWS Bluetooth wireless Earbud with touch control and Super Bass Speaker

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T9 TWS Bluetooth wireless Earbud with touch control and Super Bass Speaker


Packaging Content  

T9 TWS earphones:2pcs

Charging box and speaker :1pce


Micro USB charging cable:1pce

User manual :1pce

Spare earbuds:L:1set  S:1set

  1. Charging box lid
  2. TWS earphones
  3. Micro USB charging port
  4. Charging box and speaker
  5. MF (Multi-Function) / Phone Button
  6. Built-In Microphone
  7. Charging dot


Instructions to use



Initially TWS earphones are stored in charging box. For the first use, in order to achieve the best working status of the earphones and the speaker, please use the supplied USB cable to connect the charging box and put the headphones into the charging box to fully charge the charging box and TWS earphones together.


Under charging status, light indicator inside earphones is red, and the light is off when it is fully charged.

Charging box light indicator: When the USB cable is connected for charging, the red light flashes slowly and turns solid once fully charged.

When the USB cable is unplugged and the earphones are charged, green light is solid , once earphones are fully charged, green light is off.

Green light flashes once battery inside charging box is low.





Take two pcs earphones out of the charging box and simultaneously press MF button for 3 seconds to turn on. Once power on, red and blue lights inside earphones flash alternately, and two earphones will pair with each other automatically. Once paired,you will hear a prompt DU and blue lights flash slowly 。


Activate bluetooth function on bluetooth device, search for TWS earphone  pairing name "T9", and then connect "T9". You will hear CONNECTED for successful pair, then blue light will flash slowly.


If pairing is unsuccessful, turn off the device first and then follow the above step again. 


Once you have paired TWS earphones with a device, earphones will remember this device and pair with it automatically in the future once bluetooth is activated within the range.


TWS earphones will attempt to automatically connect

to the last device paired with when power on.

If you want to pair it with a new device, please disconnect with the last device, then follow the steps to pair with new device.

t9 wireless earbud with speaker

Handsfree phone call

Short press MF button 1 second to answer the phone,another short press 1 second to end the call.

Short press 2 seconds to reject the phone call.


Special functions

Once TWS earphones are stored in charging box, they will power off automatically if no operations more than 10 minutes


Once TWS earphones under play mode, if you put two earphones or either in charging box, external speaker will paly music 。

If two headphones are placed in two different charging box , two external speakers serve as left and right channel to play stereo music.


TWS earphones are charged simultaneously when they are stored in charging box to play music. 

Once either TWS earphone has low power, both TWS earphones will be turned off automatically.

Basic opertion for MF(multi-function)button on earphones(same function for two earphones:

Long press 3 seconds for power on/power off

Long press 2 seoncs for voice assistant

Short press for play/pause music

Double click for next song, click three times for the previous song


TWS earphones Bluetooth version:5.0

Connection distance:≥10 meters                                  

Earphones working time over 5 hours under 50% volume 

T9 bluetooth wireless earbud                                                            

Battery capacity for earphones :40mAh 

Battery capacity for charging box:1800mAh

Speaker playing time: over 10 hours under 50% volume

Charging input voltage: DC 5V/2A

Charging time for earphones:1 hour 

Charging time for charging box:4 hours