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Trend Suit M3 Smartwatch + F9 TWS 5.0

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M3 Smart Watch Heart Rate Monitor Fitness Tracker Smartwatch Screen Blood PK Mi Band 3 Bracelet 

  • Available colors: Black, Red, Blue

  • High-quality materials: Silicone.

  • Wide size range: 1PCS M3Plus Smart Watch


F9-5C TWS - Top Quality for Your Ears

In-ear earphones - Bluetooth 5.0 - Dual microphone - Intelligent noise reduction - Individual use - Huge battery

We know you love to enjoy your music. And the most interesting calls too - for a long time. So, with the new F9-5C TWS Bluetooth 5.0 you get it all: the best sound of the moment, a high-quality microphone with intelligent noise reduction, and, above all, one of the biggest batteries you'll find. It is one of the most spectacular models available. You will enjoy it like never before. Keep reading and you'll see why it's one of the must-have models of the moment.

The Best Connection for Your Sound

One of the most spectacular models you will find at this time. It provides you with a more spectacular sound that offers you everything you need to enjoy the most spectacular songs. It allows you to have everything connected via its Bluetooth v5.0 connection, the best connection capacity so that you don't lose any nuance. You will enjoy the most stable connection, your favorite music. A cool model.

A Great Battery

At the battery level, this model is designed so that you can enjoy what you like best in the world. A model that can give you the best help to make calls thanks to its CVC 8.0 intelligent noise cancellation that will allow you to listen to the person on the other side and your music without any problem. In addition, this model has a feature that makes it stand out: with its huge 1200 mAh battery. A battery to enjoy up to 25 charges of your earphones, each charge gives you up to 3 hours of use and if you use it with their charging box it allows you up to 75 hours of use. These are great.